Women in Tech: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Women in Tech: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
29 Nov 2015

In November, Bantermob’s Director Kelly Slessor was invited to speak at AIMIA’s Women in Tech series alongside industry leaders including:

– Nicole Sheffield, CEO NewsLifeMedia
– Alison Hughes, Head of Digital Delivery VirginMoney
– Elizabeth Eastland, CEO and Founder iAcceralate
– Claire Linton Evans, Head Publicist

Held as a short TED style curated event, here are the top tips that were shared;

Nicole Sheffield
– “Embrace ‘FLEARNING’: Failure and Learning”
– “Australia has the best lifestyle in the world, so we deserve the best lifestyle products”
– “It’s not the failures that matters it’s what you learn & finesse from them that matters”

Alison Hughes
– “I’ve always been passionate about what I’m doing but also what other people I’m working with are doing”
– “I said yes and worked out how to do it after that”
– “I don’t notice if I’m the only woman in the meeting unless someone else points it out”

Elizabeth Eastland
– “Girls are so socialised not to fight they never know the power that’s within them”
– “I think a dash of rebelliousness is integral to the innovation”

Claire Linton Evans
– “It’s fine if you never take risks but you’ll never reach your full potential”
– “It comes down to how you will influence someone & how you will persuade them”
– “Build a personal brand: it’s the book being written about you”

Kelly Slessor
– “Diversity breeds creativity”
– “If you see a glass ceiling throw a rock at it & move on”
– “We need empathy & engagement”


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