We Heart Mobile: Strategies For Valentine’s And Beyond

We Heart Mobile: Strategies For Valentine’s And Beyond
14 Jan 2013

It should be increasingly clear to retailers that there is a definite value-add in mobile sites – but just in case the message isn’t getting through, let me back it up for you with some facts and figures.


At Christmas 2012, some retailers experienced over 40% of traffic coming from mobile devices. And what that translated to was this; those retailers who had either purpose built mobile sites, or at the very least a mobile landing page, were gaining sales in a very tight economic environment. Because this was not a Christmas of excess, and retailers need to use every tool at their disposal to either increase profit – or simply stay afloat.


A brilliant example of what works was shown by American retail behemoth WalMart, who was named 2012 Mobile Retailer of The Year – taking the mantle from Target (a personal favourite of mine in terms of a clean, 360 degree useable, keep it simple mobile site). They cover every base in what they offer the consumer – to the point of being able to use their ‘Scan & Go’ mobile app to scan out and pay at the self-service register.


So what needs to happen looking ahead to key shopping dates in 2013 – and if we are being cynical, what are the next opportunities that come up in the consumer calendar?


Short-term, we are looking at Valentine’s Day. This is quite a good prospect because it tends to be men buying for women – and the mobile site market is still male dominated, despite 75% of the buying power in Australia resting in the hands of the feminine gender.


Realistically, full on mobile site development is not going to be possible for most companies/retailers within a less than 4 week period. However there are ‘fixes’ that can be done immediately to increase mobile presence and drive consumer engagement. At the very least, you should be looking at:


  • creating a mobile landing page for your website;


  • making sure SEO is enabled for said page;


  • ensuring it has an easy to find location;


  • not just making the mobile function a matter of ‘pinch and zoom’, but actually adding something to the site in terms of functionality, such as an easier click through to payment;


  • running SMS competitions and campaigns to drive business to the mobile page.


Your focus beyond Valentine’s Day? The big business of course is Mother’s Day. It is one of the highest spend days on the calendar and by then – your mobile presence should be set in stone.

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