Top 10 Funniest App Reviews

Top 10 Funniest App Reviews
24 Feb 2016


1. “Before the last update my iPod didn’t smell. Now it does because snapcrap, bring back the snapchat that put chat in and leave it at that. I get you want to make the app “cool” and continually add new things, but what’s being added are essentially so pointless to the app itself. Eventually, if not already, you’ll run out of ideas to put into the app. It’s possible you already have as every update after the first chat one have been pointless and bad…”

2. I looooooovvveee snapchat and use it a lot everyday. But there is also one thing I hate in the lenses situation. It just doesn’t work for me and I have an Ipad 5th Gen!! It’s really annoying because I’ve never gotten to enjoy using the lenses and there are my friends, snapping me videos with their lenses. I feel so outdated and when I told my friends I didn’t have the lenses because I have an iPod – they just laughed at me. I really want the lenses updated so I can be part of my friends again…”


3. “1 star because as this application has literally made the society extremely antisocial. Can you even imagine a world where people didn’t upload photos for likes and call and ask how are you instead of sending a quick inbox. Eh.”


4. “My life has never been the same since the first time I laid my fingers on you. You have your flaws with all your minor glitches, but all is well now. Your quick and smooth navigation without comprising selection and most of all simple checkout system just makes you one of a kind.”


5. “Today I went shopping with my wife and we had so muc fun I’m 69 years old I can have fun again I love shop kick.”


6. “I am not sure which is worse…1. your app 2. you logo 3. your business model 4.your prospects. Goodbye defunct technology. Also, this app made my hair fall out. Do not use!! Rolled out in Columbus Ohio? Wow, just wow.

7. “This is the worst idea since the Segway.”


8. This app is terrible, I ended up being 30 minutes late to puck up a girl for a date because the app kept freezing and dropping out constantly even though I had full 4G.”


9. “I don’t care I need to wait for lives. Sometimes it’s the only way to get myself off the game. I love this game!”

10. “You know when you’re not quite sure whether it’s really all that bad to have a sneaky Tim Tam for afternoon tea, and there’s two voices fighting it out in your head – the bad one telling you you’ve earned it, and the good one telling you to have a glass of water and wait for dinner – well this app is kind of the good voice. This app takes away the guess work from calorie counting, and it will keep you on track with your goal. I love putting in my daily exercise first, then seeing what I’ve got left to splurge on. It’s also nifty how many everyday brands re in the items and I’ve added my own omelette and smoothly to the list of meals. Very cool – I’m very addicted to calorie counting.”


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