The Mobile Morning Break | May

The Mobile Morning Break - May
04 Jun 2014

iPhone 6 rumours 
There’s been no leaks and no announcement from Apple to date however there’s a huge amount of speculation around the next iphone launch. According to the SMH the iphone 6 could be hitting our shores in August 2014.  One thing that is commonly accepted is that the new device will have a bigger screen size of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

This does raise one large issue for brands; existing apps will need to be optimized for the new device, which could be costly, this will obviously come out of the “just in case Apple makes changes” expenditure line, which you will no doubt find hidden in the digital budget somewhere!

A needle in an app store
With well over a million apps in-store, generally finding an app is quite difficult.  To date there hasn’t really been much focus on improving this, until now, an app for searching apps!  TAPPD addresses this problem. A user can select topics of interest, such as books, finance or sports, and the app curates recommendations from friends, mobile app experts and other users of that app.

Organising the app store based on apps that are compatible with  (or optimized for) your device is smart. All the key apps are there and discovery process becomes enjoyable and much more manageable.
“It changes the discovery process away from what’s being downloaded the most to what friends, experts and people with the same interests are talking about right now,” said David Duncan, co-founder of TAPPD, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Google’s 25 Rules for Building A Better Mobile Site
Google researchers listened to 119 hours of user complaints about mobile websites and here’s what they learned: The principles of mobile site design, the findings are really insightful and validate a lot of the research we have been doing here at BanterMob, if you are looking at ways to improve your mobile experience it is definitely worth a read.

Our need for speed
BanterMob recently surveyed more than 2000 customer reviews within the app store, within retail and finance and found that the number one complaint of mobile applications is the speed or lack thereof.  As we become more dependent on our mobiles the need for speed increases and, from a consumer-experience perspective, it is paramount to the success of any mobile platform.
To help with the issue of speed Google recently updated their page speed insights with additional recommendations on usability, with the average mobile site taking 7 seconds to launch, Google recommends some user experience rules to help address this.

Mobile Retailers Breakfast
The BanterMob Mobile Breakfast for Retail is booked in and will take place on the Thursday 24th July at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), covering mobile payments, ibeacons and most importantly mobile conversions.  To reserve a spot please email

A Free drink 
Clipp is a mobile payment solution for bars available on iphone and android,  get $10 off your next bar tab (enter the promo code BANTER10 valid between Wednesday 21 May and midnight on Saturday 31 May) and let us know what you think.  Thanks Greg Taylor…

In the meantime, if you need any help with your mobile strategy, design, user experience or implementation or just want to understand your mobile consumer in greater detail please drop me a line, 


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