The Future of Mobile 2013
25 Nov 2012

This week I’ll be presenting at the Fifth Annual ‘Future of Digital: Forecasts and Predictions for 2013’, giving you insights into what the new year will bring and the opportunities and challenges our industry will face.

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”, industry experts predict for 2013 and beyond!


Luke Steele, Manager – Commercial Development, Samsung Electronics Australia
Topic: ‘2013: The Year of Digital Convergence’

Eaon Pritchard, Head of Innovation, Sputnik Agency

Topic: ‘A Digital Christmas Carol’

Meet the ghosts of digital past, digital present and the ghost of the digital yet to come…
Ciarán Norris, Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare
Topic: ‘Personalisation & Privacy in 2013’

– The move towards personalisation and what it means for brands & consumers

– Potential impact of personalisation on privacy and regulation

Grant Whitehouse, Creative Director, George P. Johnson
Topic: “Touch, taste, hear, see and smell digital”

The blurring of boundaries between technology and real-life is opening a new frontier in digital engagement.

Motion, location, touch, gesture and audio recognition are tools to create new immersive online and live experiences.

Kelly Slessor, Director, BanterMob and Co-Chair, AIMIA Mobile Industry Group
Topic: ‘The Future of Mobile: Predictions for 2013’

2012 saw huge growth in mobile activity driven by consumers, 2013 will see brands and organisations playing catch up. Kelly’s session outline the opportunities and give you insights into the key trends we will see in mobile for 2013.

Brian Dargan, Strategy Director,The White Agency

Topic: ‘We need to talk about Social’
Chaired by:

John Butterworth, CEO, AIMIA

Event Details

Date: Thursday, 13th December 2012

Venue: KPMG Auditorium

Address: 10 Shelley Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Check back here for my predictions


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