Take Your Tablets

Take Your Tablets
05 Jul 2013

The use of tablets in-store is on the increase for smart retailers – and there are several very good reasons why. Not only can they be used to drive engagement, but they also are having a direct effect on sales and on staff knowledge. Here are five hard-hitting reasons to mobilise your shopfront now and not wait for others to capitalise on the innovations that are available now.


Loyalty programs: using tablets at the register or at points around the store to sign up customers to loyalty programs means instant data capture. With a paper based system removed from the equation, and customers able to ‘swipe and see’ their details entered by themselves without error – and with instantaneous points results as they purchase – there is automatic gratification and engagement. Tesco’s in the UK has introduced tablets across four London locations with great success using iPads attached to the walls – customers are walked through the registration process of the loyalty program and start earning points immediately.


‘Clienteling’: sales associates use tablets to customise the shopping experience for shoppers – whether it be through a shopping profile with their size/preference in colours/styles/likes or whatever information is relevant to the store. The House of Fraser – again in the UK – is using this to a lot of acclaim to customers, with sales associates able to organise a personalised shopping experience right down to home delivery preferences and beverage likes/dislikes whilst in-store. Customers feel as though they are truly being taken care of rather than simply another number – perversely, ‘faceless’ technology is personalising the shopping experience and making it much easier for staff to manage their clientele.


Tablet Kiosks: using tablet kiosks rather than the ‘traditional’ larger touch-screen mounted kiosk, which basically only offered simple directions, means that a far more interactive experience can be had by consumers and far more information can be supported. Consumers select how long their experiences last, and if products they search for aren’t available in the physical store – they can choose from the ‘endless aisle’ in front of them on the screen and purchase on the spot online, meaning the retailer doesn’t miss out a sale. The retailer can aslo add newsletter sign up, consumer surveys – the sky is the limit.


Interactive Digital Signs: Being able to change a message of an advertisement by the hour, or according to the time of day and the type of customer that the retailer knows is coming through the door – this is a potential goldmine for retailers. Being able to allow consumers to engage in an ad through touch – the potential is immeasurable.


Training and Management of Floor Staff: For line management, using tablets is potentially huge in terms of managing their staff on the shop floor – sales targets can be managed on a daily basis; direct figures can be updated hourly; projections given on the spot. Feedback is almost instantaneous from customers. Training material can be disseminated quickly and easily. If there is customer volume building in a specific area – staff can be directed there quickly and easily.


Tablets in-store are not the be all and end all of in-store progress, and technology is changing so rapidly that it’s hard for retail to keep up. But those who are innovating will keep ahead of the pack. Fortune favours the brave after all – so be brave.




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