8 Top Tips for Mobile

8 Top Tips for Mobile
23 Apr 2014

Optimise – optimise for mobile; your website, your campaigns, your social media. Make sure it all works on mobile. With more than 30% of traffic now coming through a mobile device that’s a lot of customers that you are ignoring.
Speed – the number one complaint we see in the app store related to how slow mobile apps are. Getting to where you want to go on a mobile quickly, is key to you engaging with a brand or organisation. Ensure your mobile sites or apps allow the user to do what they want to quickly.
Forms – In line with speed, think about the information you really need from a user. Mobile users are impatient and wont fill out lengthy forms. Do you really need address 1, address 2, DOB etc. You can gather this information over time, but if you lose the user at the point of entry you may never see them again. 40% of users will go a competitors site if they have a bad mobile experience.
Content – Make sure your content is right for mobile. Do not simply take what you have on the web and put it on your mobile site or app. Images that take too long to load or long winded marketing spiel and product information will only serve to alienate mobile consumers
Contact – Make your contact details front and centre, even if you haven’t optimised for mobile yet to ensure that people can contact you easily. 50% of mobile consumers called a business after searching.
Think local – make sure that your SEO is optimised for local searches. 86% of mobile users have searched for local information.
Media – 89% percent of our media time is now spent in apps. Consider developing an app for your business or marketing through existing apps.
Search – Make sure you can be found on a mobile. During the week leading up to Christmas, mobile search accounted for 53% of total Google search traffic in Australia.


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