3 Trends to Watch Out For In 2016

3 Trends to Watch Out For In 2016
21 Dec 2015


Mobile isn’t just another channel; it’s a platform where investments in customer experience and personalisation can multiply revenue. Imagine being able to ask people questions whilst you are shopping within an app? Well, now you can.

Swedish online shop Tictail has launched a messaging service within the app meaning customers can chat with storeowners direct from the app. The benefits are two-fold; the direct text chatting service enhances the customer experience, and allows the owner to view the customer browsing the shop in real-time. Not only providing a greater understanding of customer behaviour, but allowing messages and responses to be more tailored, creating a superior personal, intimate experience.


As logistics and mobile become intrinsically linked, we are seeing a lot of investment in click and collect and delivery services.

Shyp, a US-based service that offers on-demand courier pickup, professional packaging, and low prices, has recently secured over US $50 million in investment. Instacart, a service that has groceries delivered to your door in one-hour from stores such Wholefoods and Costco, has raised more than $220 million this year.

Next year will be a big year for this market, as technology becomes integrated into creating a seamless customer experience.


Haptic technology recreates the sense of touch by “applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user.”

Touchscreens have emerged as the preferred interface in mobile devices with dynamic user interfaces driving device functionality. While the current touchscreens in market offer great benefits, haptic technology is being used to increase the sense of physical sensations. Samsung has just released the “Anycall Haptic” – with an incredible 22 types of touch sensations, and next year, we will start to see retailers experimenting with this technology to improve the overall mobile experience. Imagine being able to feel and touch products, although that’s still a way off, it’s an exciting concept to grasp.

Apple uses haptic technology in its watch to deliver notifications by tapping on a user’s wrist. There’s a great video I recommend watching on the future beyond the Apple Watch here.

For more on Haptic Technology and the five senses, you can visit my previous blog post ‘Can we Design Mobile Experiences for the Five Senses?


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