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In conversation with Kelly Slessor

In Conversation With | Kelly Slessor

“In Conversation With” is a series of interviews filmed exclusively for Little Black Dress Group members featuring women in business – empowered and successful women who are an inspiration to others. Businesswomen who willingly share their knowledge and insight to the benefit of others. Women who are following their own dreams and individual versions of success......

Best applications for children in the holidays

Apply Yourself

I don't know about you, but in our part of the country at least it's the last weekend of the school holidays and I admit - I am just about at the end of my tether. For parents everywhere, especially working parents, school holidays provide a set of challenges that leave them tearing their hair out - how to entertain the kids without simply parking them in front ....

Take Your Tablets

Take Your Tablets

The use of tablets in-store is on the increase for smart retailers - and there are several very good reasons why. Not only can they be used to drive engagement, but they also are having a direct effect on sales and on staff knowledge. Here are five hard-hitting reasons to mobilise your shopfront now and not wait for others to capitalise on the innovations that are available now....