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Get Your Motor Running

Get Your Motor Running

This month Google made a strong pronouncement about mobile-ready websites, stating that they will possibly be demoting sites that are not 'mobile-friendly' or configured correctly for mobiles. Although they have said the demotion 'will only impact mobile, smartphone friendly, search results and only impact web pages that are not smartphone friendly or misconfigured when it comes to being smartphone friendly' it just shows the power of the ....

Future of Mobile Payments

Retail Therapy

Point Of Sale and mobile payments at present do not go hand in hand. Retailers seem to feel that there is perhaps too much technology to consider – cloud wallets, NFC, QR codes et al – to make it viable. But clearly, with exceptions to the rule such as Starbucks showing, it is not about technological difficulties; it is about finding a solution for the customer, and making the most of an opportunity.....